Kansas Smitty’s House Band – Party Party Party 
Kansas Smitty's House Band - Party Party Party

Release Date: Out Now

I normally steer clear of three genres that do nothing for me – Jazz, Thrash Metal and modern R’n’B. This latest release from Londoners Kansas Smitty’s House Band, ‘Party Party Party’, fits firmly in to the Jazz pigeon hole but I’ve let it through my filter on the basis that they sound like they’d be a hell of a lot of fun live. This is a live recording of the 8-piece doing their horn filled thang with some pretty simple sing-a-long lyrics (“party, party, party” if you want the full transcript). There’s a trumpet solo that makes me a little edgy and lots of encouraging shouts of ‘ho’ and ‘hey’ that I’m not entirely on board with but these are clearly talented musicians with a lot of energy so if I was in the vicinity of this going down on a stage somewhere then I’d definitely want to check it out some more.