HVMM – Going Postal/Beggars & Thieves
HVMM - Going Postal/Beggars & Thieves

Release Date: Out Now

Now then, Worcester is not normally a hotbed of musical activity despite having one of the country’s more resilient independent venues in the Marrs Bar (props to the Marrs Bar crew). Nevertheless, HVMM are a band from Worcester and they’re ruddy good so maybe things are on the turn in the West Midlands. The first of the two tracks on this double-A side single is the slide blues fun of ‘Beggars & Thieves’ which exudes aggression, confidence and a sense of the unhinged – something I’m already hooked on. Think the energy of the Jim Jones Revue along with the dirty swamp rock of Moriaty and performance ethic of Jonathan Fire Eater and you’re getting close.

‘Going Postal’, as the title suggests, is a more wonky, twitchy piece which takes a little while to hit it’s stride like someone with a stammer finding their words. Once those words come to mind, however, there’s no stopping them as the band fly in to full effect making a noise that would work well in a slow-mo, post-fight scene in some edgy period piece like Peaky Blinders or something similar. The only criticism (if that’s what it is) is that the repeated chorus refrain of “Going Postal” instantly made me want to sing “down in Acapulco” but when you’ve got guitars the size of Royal Blood and menace by the bucket load you don’t have to worry about things like that, do you?  

Live Dates:

2nd September – Marrs Bar, Worcester w/Tokyo Taboo
3rd September – Rise, Worcester
22nd November – The Sebright Arms, London w/Lullaby

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