DeQn Sue – Melanin 
DeQn Sue - Melanin

Release Date: Out Now

I am fast becoming a huge fan of LA native Deqn Sue and this is the kind of song that stands up on its musical merits but should also be played to children (and some adults) every morning to remind you that life is there to be lived in a good spirit, not as a douche bag. What am I on about? Well, ‘Melanin’ is a synth heavy alt-disco romper that will have you dancing around the kitchen/night-club/train carriage (delete as appropriate) which is no bad thing for starters. However, there is a strong and clear lyrical message here delivered with pin-point accuracy by Sue’s smooth and slightly cheeky pop-soul vocal. “Black, brown, dark or light, peach, yellow, beige or white, no matter what you are like, you are precious in his eyes” sings Sue while the guitars get funky and the synths layer up like some kind of delicious multi-coloured cake. “Colours, why do they make a difference to you?”, “I’ve got melanin in my blood and you’ve got a little bit too” – racial equality never sounded so funky. In the hands of a A-grade, major-label pop star this would be blasting out of radios all over the summer airwaves so the least you can do is give it a spin and spread the good word.