Calum Pearce – Missiles 
Callum Pearce - Missiles

Release Date: 12th August 2017

Well this is a perky indie-pop romp considering the song title is ‘Missiles’. It’s like having a musical with loads of dance routines but calling it ‘cancer’. But that’s the beauty of this hugely impressive debut release by Scottish singer-songwriter Callum Pearce – it’s sugar and spice, sweet and sour, ying and, if you wall, yang. The guitars are choppy and bouncing at the same time and the drums are tight and punchy which makes for the kind of indie-pop tune that you can’t help but want to pogo to in your Adidas Gazelles. On top of all that joviality, however, is Pearce’s accented vocal singing of the injustice of politicians we didn’t vote for spending our money on missiles that we don’t want and hope not to need. If this is Callum Pearce’s opening gambit then the world had better watch out as he has you in his sights and he has his phasers set to stun(ning).

Live Dates:

12th August – Limekilns Gala, Dunfermline

30th August – PJ Molloys, Dunfermline