BDY_PRTS – Rooftops (Aggrocat Records) 
BDY_PRTS - Rooftops

Release Date: Out Now

So, I’m slightly baffled by the fact that trio BDY_PRTS list their home town as Glasgow, Brisbane AND Chicago. Three of them, three home towns, you do the math……….s. Sorry, I couldn’t do it. I mean, where do they rehearse? Prague? Anyhow, regardless of where they lay their hats, new single ‘Rooftops’ is an absolute delight in all it’s angular but melodic glory. Imagine, if you will, a lo-fi Florence + The Machine with just as much melodic ambition but the sense of mischief that Lush had back in the day and the box of beats that the XX use but with a can of Monster poured in to give it a kick. The vocals are siren-sweet while the synths mingle and intertwine like electro-ivy on a fence made entirely of neon and sugar. Sure, it’s a slightly overpowering image but if you give this your time I think you’ll understand.