Angele David-Guillou – Desert Stilts 
Angele David-Gillou - Desert Stilts

Release Date: Out Now

Well, this is wonderfully and refreshingly different. Just under four minutes of intense and dramatic instrumental music courtesy of the supremely talented Angele David-Guillou, that’s what you get from her latest release, ‘Desert Stilts’ (not dessert stilts as I nearly called this, a very different prospect). This is orchestral stuff but with, to me, a very British tone as the strings bounce relentlessly along and the horns swell and heave to anchor the lightness of the melodies. If I close my eyes, I can see myriad shades of green fields rolling past a train window and the different ages of history unfolding behind each hill and curve in the track. If Danny Boyle where to hear this I feel like he’d commission a whole new sporting extravaganza just so that he could use this as the music for the core element to the opening ceremony. One of the few truly original things that has dropped in to my inbox over the last few months and something you should seriously consider adding to your playlist to break up the pattern a little.