Twin Jackal – Humility 
Twin Jackal - Humility

Release Date: Out Now

There’s a strange journey that the new single from London lads Twin Jackal goes on during its near four-minute existence. You see, when ‘Humility’ starts you can’t help but think of those angular, choppy early tunes by Arctic Monkeys. Shortly after that, the song grows in to something akin to Incubus at their experimental and edgy best but with a British accent on the vocals. Then, as the piano starts to seep through the guitars and cymbal crashes, you hear Biffy Clyro emerging like an oil soaked and wild-eyed desperado walking out of a burning building bearing his teeth. The energy, intensity and ingenuity of this track is breath-taking but if you take a deep breath and go back for seconds you will be richly rewarded.

Live Dates:

26th July – Zigfrid von Underbelly, London