Sephine Llo – First To Tarnish 
Sephine Llo - First To Tarnish

Release Date: Out Now

Sephine Llo is the nom de plume of Josephine Lloyd-Wilson and her single ‘First to Tarnish’ is a thing of understated and juddering beauty. It takes a good 30 seconds for this song to emerge from the cable crackle of some English version of David Lynch’s red room but when it does emerge, it’s a crisp, clear and utterly pure piece of alt-pop in the vein of Zoe Johnson and Joanna Newsome. The delicately plucked strings and atmospheric percussion build like the ladies of Wildwood Kin or a Laura Marling romp but with a more early morning in a misty glade vibe going on. This is classy, unapologetic and made of cut-glass with the dawns early light refracted through it so listen in, for sure, but don’t touch.