Rylands Heath – Skin 
Rylands Heath - Skin

Release Date: Out Now

Luton’s finest indie-pop duo Rylands Heath are back with another slice of perky, up-tempo guitar based tuneage in the shape of ‘Skin’. There’s a lively beat, a nice little hook and the kind of downplayed vocals that the Kooks and Razorlight did so well with. There’s a sense of sadness, possibly fuelled by unrequited love (always good territory for awkward lads playing guitar based pop) and there’s a nice little bass line just to keep things ticking along. My only worry with this song is just who the audience is supposed to be. I mean, sure, we live a world where Scouting For Girls are still inexplicably getting bookings but is there still room in the world for perky indie-pop? There should be but then I guess I’m not the target market.

Live Dates:

4th August – LutonAid 2017 @ UK Centre for Carnival Arts, Luton
19th August – The Mall, Walthamstow

16th August – Relay For Life @ Stockwood Park Athletics Track, Luton