Maya Killtron – Whiplash 
Maya Killtron - Whiplash

Release Date: Out Now

Ah Ms Killtron is back, that means we can get the party cranked up another notch and get frisky. ‘Whiplash’ is the latest single from Toronto’s queen of funk-pop and it’s another doozy of a tune. From the opening beats and pure 80s synth melodies, this is a good time wrapped up in a fun time. Killtron’s vocal is assured soul and those synths just make you want to do your best pout and give this the full MC Hammer shuffle on the dancefloor. There’s some slap bass for good measure and that beat keeps going relentlessly like an aerobics instructor leading a class after too much red bull and a messy break up. The energy coming from Maya Killtron is impressive but the fact that she manages to maintain a melody and hook is equally as impressive if not more so. Put on your neon glad rags and let’s get this party started, fun times are here.