Mannequin Death Squad – Van Gogh (Integrity Records)
Mannequin Death Squad - Van Gogh

Release Date: Out Now

Another strong band name being thrown in to the mix with this beauty from Melbourne duo Mannequin Death Squad and, potentially, some vindication for my long-held suspicion of mannequins (apart from Kim Cattrall, she’s done well for a sexy clothes horse). ‘Van Gogh’ churns and burns from the get-go with dark guitars and thumping drums shaking you awake before a subdued, slightly stoned verse preceding a more furious and riotous chorus. There’s something gloriously woozy about the slower elements of this track that work on the same level as those moments you try walking from one room to another in a rock club with no idea where your friends are or why that one beer has made you feel like you might pass out at any moment. There’s darkness, rebellion and a real sense of the subversive about the tune which is somewhat matched by the video which is like a punk version of Gogglebox….I imagine. I resist Gogglebox with every inch of my being, almost the exact opposite of this single in fact.

Live Dates: 

18th August – EP Launch @ Cherry Bar, Melbourne
28th September– Opium, Edinburgh w/ Bellarose

Watch The Video: