Lots Holloway – Stay A Little Longer (Why I? Records) 
Lots Holloway - Stay A Little Longer

Release Date: 7th July 2017

Being named diva of the week by DIVA Magazine during Gay Pride Week is pretty good lead up to the release of your next single and London dwelling Lots Holloway has totally nailed that particular accolade. Following that belter of a bit of publicity comes ‘Stay A Little Longer’, a tune that starts with a dystopian melody that feels as though it’s being played backwards but you can’t help but tune in. Holloway’s vocal is both aggressive through clenched teeth and sweetly innocent with fluttering eye-lashes – don’t get too close though, those eye-lashes are made of fine steel. The melodies take in North African or Middle-Eastern structures for fluttering moments and you can easily hear this tune adorning mainstream pop radio such is the clever song writing and high-quality production values. Indeed, if this was lyrically about ‘working up a sweat on the dance floor’ or some thinly veiled sex reference then this would be being played out of the stereos of teenagers the world over. But it’s not, this song is smarter than that and makes you work a little harder so give it some time, you won’t regret it.

Live Dates:

22nd October – Listen With Monger curates Blogtober @ The Finsbury, London (FREE ENTRY)