Katey Morley – Good Little Girls 
Katey Morley - Good Little Girls

Release Date: Out Now

Ugh, yet more gloriousness from Canada. Seriously ‘Rest of the World’, you need to up your game and pull your finger out! Toronto singer-songwriter Katey Morley has just knocked out the kind of acoustic-pop outsiders anthem that should have big time airplay. I mean, put ‘Good Little Girls’ in the hands of Avril Lavigne or the like and you’d be talking about them as a serious artist all of a sudden and this would be being sung by proto-emos the world over as they record impassioned lip-synch versions in to the Youtube channels. Morley’s voice is soft and confessional but with a gritted-teeth steel that tells you not to underestimate her. The acoustic strum and scattered piano notes all build beautifully along with a rich bed of strings to create a swirl that Sheryl Crow or Feist would be more than happy with. I really hope that this gets the audience it deserves so that Morley has some success with it, sure, but more importantly so that a whole host of teenage girls out there will get that “it’s not just me” moment that only music can provide.