Jess & The Bandits – Kings of Summer 
Jess & The Bandits - Kings of Summer

Release Date: Out Now

Now, from the press shot, I was expecting some goth or at least emo music from this bunch but I couldn’t have been more wrong. ‘Kings Of Summer’ is a modern take on that country staple of just celebrating summer that, as catchy as the melody is, has some time travelling lyrics going on. For example, over the perky acoustic guitars and jigging beat, Jess sings “ride our bikes to the dairy queen buzzing on our sugar high” – dairy queen is pure 50s but the concept of a sugar high is far more recent. Then, as the summer party moves on, Jess recalls “smoking menthols in the tree house, a polaroid of cool” – colour me confused. Essentially, what Jess & The Bandits have done is create a collage of the perfect summer images from the last 70 years and patched them together to create a song that if not a chart hit then should be snapped up by any holiday company with the ambition of attracting young families – I’ve got Haven on hold and Centre Parcs are on speed dial.

Live Dates:

28th July – FSA Festival, Newark
19th August – Nashville Nights, Under the Bridge

27th August – Cottingham Folk Festival, Cottingham