Ease – Unbreak My Bones 
Ease - Unbreak My Bones

Release Date: Out Now

There’s something very sinister about this new track from Stockholm duo Ease. From the ominous bassy intro and thundering 80s drum sounds to the, frankly, painful sounding title, ‘Unbreak My Bones’, you find yourself thinking that these two might need a holiday or at least a good night out. Nevertheless, the insistent beat and hi-hat work perfectly breaks up the swathes of dense synths and vocals that sound like they are being sung from within the Black Lodge. There’s pop at the heart of this song, for sure, but the kind of pop you write when you’ve been publicly dumped and the forced smile is starting to slip from you face while the mascara runs down your cheeks. Dark, askew and wonderfully unhinged – not a bad introduction to Ease, then.