Critics – Key Lime Pie
Critics - Key Lime Pie

Release Date: Out now

I have read so many band blurbs and PR write-ups over the years that you start to get a little jaded but ‘the band started in [insert year] and haven’t looked back since’ is one of my favourites. Really? Not once has one member of the band thought “did I leave the gas on?” or “have I got my keys?” or “should I just sack this in and go for that promotion in the day job?”. Well, in the case of nomadic trio Critics, I’m glad the latter never happened otherwise we wouldn’t have new single ‘Key Lime Pie’. From the get-go, this is smart, slick and up-tempo indie-pop with a strong sense of purpose – having some fun. There is a campness to this tune that is only amplified by the video (these lads like dressing up more than the Village People) but in the way that Mika, Scissor Sisters and Tempo Shark do so successfully these guys have created a truly infectious sound. I can only imagine the Millenial chaos when this one hits the chorus at a live show – Snapchat will surely go in to meltdown….

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