Basement Revolver – Tree Trunks (Yellow K Records) 
Basement Revolver - Tree Trunks

Release Date: Out Now

You know those grey days when it doesn’t rain but it’s just damp somehow and all you want to do is stare out of your bedroom window in the hope that something interesting will happen? Well, Ontario trio Basement Revolver beautifully capture that mood on ‘Tree Trunks’ as they use sparse guitars and sombre melodies atop lurching drums. Now, some of you may be reading this thinking “Christ, that sounds depressing” and you’d be right but, personally, I love that. Music is all about enhancing moods and sometimes you just want to wallow in the hopelessness of it all and that’s when you reach for those records that you want to wallow to. So, file this next to the downbeat moments of Belly or any of the distortion swathed left-of-grunge indulgences of the late 90s. I think this is gorgeous and I heartily recommend you get yourself some Basement Revolver action in your life. Your meaningless, drab and insignificant life.

Live Dates:

20th July – The Casbah, Hamilton