Van Dammes – Punk Rock Drummer (VILD Recordings)
Van Dammes - Punk Rock Drummer

Release Date: Out Now

94 seconds. That’s all it takes to fall in sloppy love with Finnish punks Van Dammes. Conveniently it’s also the time it takes for the entire length of their latest single, ‘Punk Rock Drummer’. This is a Ramones-esque chug with the basic lyric “Punk rock drummer, punk rock drummer, can’t think of nothing hotter”. It’s basic, its’s fun, the lyrics are easy and it makes you want to jump around like a loon. Oh, and there’s a keyboard solo. If the sound doesn’t get you then check out the video featuring a badly superimposed band floating in an out over some weird family home video of a late 50s gathering the presumable preceded a massacre of some sort. This is bonkers on every level and I love it.

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