Made In Gibraltar – Climbing Up The Walls
Made In Gibraltar - Climbing Up The Walls

Release Date: Out Now

So, just to get this straight, here we have a duo named after a place famous for a rock and some monkeys but they’re actually from Madrid, currently based in London doing a cover of a Radiohead song. Still with me? Good. ‘Climbing Up The Walls’ was a classic of ‘OK Computer’ with it’s atmospheric, dystopian build up and Made In Gibraltar have captured that vibe perfectly with sparse instrumentation and some Portishead-esque vocals. This is one of those tunes that, if heard live, would absolutely entrance an audience and have them hanging off every click, pick and groan. Made In Gibraltar describe themselves as a small fish in a big pond having just arrived in London but with this approach to music they will surely be growing in to their new surroundings soon enough. At the very least, a guest spot on a future episode of Twin Peaks surely beckons.

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