Kanadia – Ocean Blue 
Kanadia - Ocean Blue

Release Date: Out Now

There’s a whip of a storm brewing around this Oxford four piece that has peaked my interest. Kanadia’s new single, ‘Ocean Blue’, opens with a pensive, Maccabees-esque guitar line atop some shuffling beats before breaking out in to full indie swirl and a baggy, atmospheric swirl. The melodies and vocals are a bit pop-star does rock for me, like when Robbie Williams had a go at pleasing the Gallaghers, but there’s something pleasingly prog about the structure that it’s hard not to enjoy. Elements of Madchester, hints of Shoegaze and a whole lot of indulgent jamming but they keep things just the right side of the getting wanky. So, promising stuff but not quite justifying the buzz for me on this evidence.

Live Dates:

20th July – The Horn, St Albans w/Sacred Shapes + Kid Luna