Guts – Pick Me Up
Guts - Pick Me Up

Release Date: Out Now

OK folks, right now here in the UK we’re in the middle of the hottest June in my lifetime (official) so we need some super cool jams to stop our British selves from freaking out and doing stupid things on supermarket lager, you follow?  Praise the lord of hellfire then that Guts is back with a laid back slice of funk infused soul with a hint of afro beat and a little disco thrown in for good measure. That’s right, ‘Pick Me Up’ is the perfect tune to transition from lazing in your back garden because it’s too hot to do anything to starting to think about making the most of that warm evening air. Funky horn stabs, a nicely bobbing beat and the guest talents of Beat Assailant, Mary May and Wolfgang give this tune a real party vibe. So, grab a cold one (you’ve earned it), raise your hands up and let this one give you that involuntary hip sway you’ve been waiting all day to break out. Super cool.

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