Dylyn – American Nightmare 
Dylyn - American Nightmare

Release Date: Out Now

It took me exactly five seconds to fall in love with this song. Five seconds. Pretty impressive. LA alt-pop trouble maker Dylyn is pissed (in the American sense) and she wants you to know about it. ‘American Nightmare’ (great title by the way, seriously, really great) is Katy Perry and Ladyhawke getting some production treatment from Deadmau5 which is a great place to start. “I don’t believe what’s on the TV”, she sings over buzzing, popping guitars and a beat that knows its place. “If being me is the American dream then I want the American nightmare” goes the chorus before a droned voice snarls “fuck that 50s housewife shit”. Like I said, Dylyn is pissed and if you’ve got pop music turning against you then you’re pretty screwed. Politics aside, this is a fantastic tune that I’ll be adding to my playlists immediately.