Dani Le Rose – I’ve Told Lies 
Dani Le Rose - I've Told Lies

Release Date: Out Now

Dani Le Rose could be put on the genre shelf next to Lana Del Rey and Lordes because of her dreamy, woozy pop but there’s something altogether edgier and overtly sexual about this tune that knocks any challengers back on their heels. ‘I’ve Told Lies’ is confessional, sure, but it doesn’t really care. This is the equivalent of your neighbour telling you they’ve been watching you through your bedroom window whilst secretly hoping that you’re in to it too. Le Rose has a beautifully understated, soulful and breathy voice which, when coupled with her dead eyed Stepford stare throughout the video, makes this a compelling watch and listen. Throw in the scattered beats and sparse melodies and you’ve got yourself a genuine alt-pop seduction tune that should go on your date night playlist. Maybe don’t add the video though, it’s properly creepy and uncomfortable.


  1. Indeed, a seductive tune, and her voice can be equally seductive. I especially enjoy listening to this song (and Dani's other songs) at night. Such a brilliant artist!


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