Crooked Teeth – Mirrors 
Crooked Teeth - Mirrors

Release Date: 16th June 2017

A childhood of listening to my Walkman/mini-disc/portable CD player in various locations means I often hear songs and see music videos rolling out before me but the debut slice from Londoners Crooked Teeth is a prime example of this ‘condition’. ‘Mirrors’ opens with a bubbling synth thrum that is the sound of a city coming to life as a sped-up sunrise appears through the gaps in the office blocks. The constant, unrelenting energy of this tune is all about the hustle and bustle of a city going through its day-to-day lifespan, the stop and go of traffic marked out by the processed beats and the weave of people given some level of beauty by the chiming guitars. The deadpan vocal is like early Depeche Mode and adds a loneliness to the song, a loneliness that can often be a feature of city living despite being surrounded by people and rats at every turn. Despite the sometimes bleak and often industrial vibe, there is soul and hope here that you’re used to hearing from the likes of New Order or Everything Everything. The repeated refrain of “You’ll be like no-one else” is the very embodiment of breaking free from the shackles of that urban conveyor belt and choosing something different.