Cherryade – Theresa May (Bullshit)
Cherryade - Theresa May (Bullshit)

Release Date: Out Now

Pop is supposed to be fun, irreverent and throw away, right? Well, no. Not anymore. You see, things have got to such a stage where wannabe bedroom pop stars are writing angry, stroppy, mardy songs that you can dance to but also call out corrupt politicians and Daily Fail reading sheep. London duo Cherryade are taking on the system face first with their superbly titled politi-pop romp ‘Theresa May (Bullshit)’ and you just know that it will have passive bigots dancing along in blissful ignorance every time that “Bullshit” chorus drops on top of those Ballearic beats and hyper synths. “Did my TV Licence pay for this? Did my VAT let them bomb the kids? Will they drop the nukes? Oh God forbid, it all went downhill with UKIP” – not the kind of lyrics you’d expect to feature in the kind of song you’d normally hear blasting out of a pimped up and tinted Honda Civic. The combination of Shampoo’s attitude, ‘Parklife’ era Blur’s social commentary and the energetic melodies of the Ting Tings makes this irresistible, throw away, bubblegum pop but keep the wrapper because there’s a nugget of wisdom in there that you might want to share with your mates on Instagram later.

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