Amanda Delara – New Generation (GR:OW Records)
Amanda Delara - New Generation

Release Date: Out Now

Amanda Delara exists in a sliver of a niche that is Norwegian/Iranian pop but they always say if you want to succeed then you need to find your niche and make it work for you so all power to her. This single, ‘New Generation’ is undeniably pop but with an edge of defiance and socio-political awareness that is not so much creeping in to pop but marching in with a banner and a purpose. Ibiza inspired synth stabs give this a party vibe but the opening lyrics leave you in no doubt that this is a song borne out of anger and injustice - “My momma would hear bombs drop two blocks away from her rooftop waiting for the day to change, She didn’t get a lot to say, oh they took her voice away, Motherfuckers”. There’s a sway and a swagger to this that is full of street attitude as the beats kicks in hard and those melodies put this up alongside pop heavyweights like Rihanna and Rita Ora. It’s a crying shame that the world is full of injustice that needs to be fought back against but it’s a comfort that there are artists of every genre ready to stand up and fight with word, music and ideas. More please.

Live Dates:

9th June – Mablis, Stavanger
11th June – Minioya, Oslo
13th June – Kulturfest Toyen, Oslo
24th June – Piknik I Parken, Oslo
8th July – Traenafestivalen, Mo I Rana
15th July – Slottsfjell, Tonsberg

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