Alex J – You Say 
Alex J - You Say

Release Date: Out Now

Plymouth artist Alex Jennings has been honing his craft for a while now and this offering, ‘You Say’, is an interesting blend of Pop and Motown that takes a couple of listens to uncover fully. You see, at less than three minutes you could be forgiven for thinking this is a throw away Pop tune but when you get to the very end of the song you’re just left with the bass and drums for a few seconds and you realise this has been a Motown song along. Vocally and melodically, this is more in the vein of something like Badly Drawn Boy or the Feeling in that it’s that very English indie-pop sensibility with notes placed perfectly. The Pop and Motown combination sort of works but my brain is split in half with the Pop side wanting the rhythm section to calm down and the Motown side wanting the vocals and guitars to let rip and get wild on my ass. I can’t work out whether this is a clever blend or a weird crossbreed of a genre but I’m going to call it Potown and have a lie down. Music that makes you think, though, and that’s never a bad thing. Not ever.