She Makes War – I Want My Country Back
She Makes War - I Want My Country Back

Release Date: Out Now

There are two approaches to this new single from Bristolian one-woman powerhouse She Makes War so I’ve done two reviews which you can stick in your collective pipe and smoke.

Review One: This single couldn’t be better timed. The anger, disbelief and utter disgust with the barefaced and unashamed arrogance of the Conservative party in the UK ahead of the June 8th General Election is reaching fever pitch. Jeremy Corbyn is being treated like Che Gavara at his revolutionary best because, shock horror, he wants to put humans before profit and do things that benefit the majority of society. What She Makes War encapsulates so wonderfully on ‘I Want My Country Back’ is that bottled up rage with the blatant corruption going on all around us and the apparent wilfulness of so many to just lap it up because “it doesn’t bother/affect me and mine”. Lyrics like the opening lines “I want my country back from unelected liars, hypocrites and sleazy hacks” cuts straight to the point and the chorus of “So let’s make Britain great get your fake news from the Daily Hate” is so on the money it’s almost funny. Almost. Now, this would all be superb and laudable enough on its own but then there’s…..

She Makes War - Laura Kidd
Review Two: This single couldn’t be better performed. From the opening vocal that sneers out of the shadows to the bubblegum-indie of the chorus, this is a song that evokes memories of so many indie-grunge greats like Veruca Salt, Echobelly, Lush, Breeders and Belly. The guitars grind and surge, the drums bounce in a way that makes you want to dance while the vocals of Laura Kidd (the aforementioned Bristolian) are delivered so sweetly that the passive listener might be forgiven for thinking that this is just a delicate little indie song. It’s not, there’s bite, bile and anger here but if you want to know about that then you’ll need to go back to review one. Whatever your take this is a brilliant song and free to download until 8th June so get it, turn it up and then lock your grandparents and disaffected teen acquaintances in a room with this on a loop until they get the message. 

Live Dates:

31st May – The Boars Head, Kidderminster