Rabble Babble – Joe’s Bust 
Rabble Babble - Joe's Bust

Release Date: 30th May 2017

Rabble Babble (great name) have, first of all, created some great artwork that is simple yet evokes the spirit of CBeebies but with some Gremlin style malfunction. Now, the music behind ‘Joe’s Bust’ has a similar childlike simplicity as it tells a common tale of a night out not going to plan. The spoken-word vocals of Molly Callan Cassidy mixed with the wonky guitars and Jazz inspired beats are a real assault on the senses and you have to give this a couple of listens to even start to appreciate it. Imagine Kate Nash working with Young Knives, Django Django, Dutch Uncles and Talking Heads but with an Irish swagger and the odd four letter lyric – moist with anticipation yet? You should be. Rabble Babble are creating something edgy, left of centre and utterly enthralling – if that doesn’t excite you then why the hell are you reading this blog? Seriously. Go and read the music section of the Sun and book yourself in for that lobotomy you’ve been putting off.

Live Dates:

9th June – Single Launch @ Anseo, Dublin