Peter Fij/Terry Bickers – Let’s Get Lost Together (Broadcast Recordings) 
Peter Fij/Terry Bickers - Let's Get Lost Together

Release Date: Out Now

Pete and Terry, or Fij and Bickers. I prefer Fij and Bickers personally. These two gents have been around the miserablist indie block a few times so the new single ‘Let’s Get Lost Together’ comes with a certain level of expectation. The chilled, almost laconic acoustic guitar strum is met by a meandering lead note before the sleepy, pre-dawn vocals creep in from the shadows. This is a bro-mance love song for the twee nation which will appeal perfectly to those that like Belle & Sebastian, Teenage Fanclub, David Kitt and Badly Drawn Boy. Lyrics bounce back and forth between the two, along the lines of “You put the why in why the hell you doing this?” and you feel a little like you’re overhearing two life-long friends hatching a grand plan in a pub over some ale and a bowl of chips. Gorgeously personal and introspective so listen in.

Live Dates:

22nd July – St Paul’s, Worthing