Frozen Houses live @ The Inn on the Shore, Cornwall – 19/05/2017 
Frozen Houses (Pic Don D)

Cornish soloist Frozen Houses (aka Alex) cuts a lonely and slightly hassled figure as makes the final tweaks to his pre-set preparations which, considering he has the talents of Ashley Height by his side, seems a little unnecessary. Nevertheless, this is a new venue in a new place and that’s always a daunting venture. Needless to say, once the music begins, all nerves and hints of unease soon wash away, soothed by the soft acoustic notes and gentle vocals tones that have become a hallmark for Frozen Houses.

A set of entirely original material has the audience captivated and the songs on their own would be a delight with their hints of John Martin, Badly Drawn Boy and Paul Simon all played with a gentle ease. However, the subtle and beautifully placed guitar notes of Ashley Height (he of Red Foot Crow fame) turn these from fine songs in to wondrous melodies of the night that hold the attention and make time stand still. Lead notes and some lap work give these Frozen Houses songs an extra dimension but without excellent foundation there is no room for embellishment. If a Frozen Houses live performance were a fine meal, I’d be recommending a robust red wine to go with it, a comfortable chair and clearing yourself a good couple of hours to savour every morsel. Fine stuff worth taking time over and that’s a rare and beautiful thing in music these
Frozen Houses feat Ashley Heigh (Pic Don D)

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