Eat The Evidence – Tories Go To Waitrose 
Eat The Evidence - Tories Go To Waitrose

Release Date: Out Now

With the General Election getting down to the meat of the matter, I’m starting to hear the resistance and protest songs more and more which is heartening if nothing else. The latest to ease itself effortlessly in to my inbox is the bluntly titled ‘Tories Go To Waitrose’ by London nut-jobs Eat the Evidence and it’s a lot of fun. If you like your music fast paced and witty then the urgent, almost impatient ska-rock of this bunch of angry young men will appeal. “It’s their favourite shop, running round the aisles in their rugby tops even though they clash with their Burberry socks” they sing with a sneer of derision – the almost manage the surely unprecedented feat of mentioning “fancy cheese” as a lyric. Eat The Evidence combine the energy and melodies of Madness in their youthful prime with the bite and power of the Vandals to create a mighty noise and a lot of fun all wrapped around a political viewpoint. Strange though, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a pro-Tory tune. Like, ever.

Live Dates:

3rd June – Album Launch @ Bones & Pearl Studios, London

21st October – The Garage, London