Bait – Waspy (Cool Thing Records) 
Bait - Waspy

Release Date: Out Now

Southend’s favourite angry agitators BAIT are back with another single and it’s hugely satisfying in all its unforgiving energy, bile and aggression. The press pack suggests that this is like Keith Flint and John Lydon attacking a Wasps nest but there’s more than that to this track, even though the title ‘Waspy’ is somewhat appropriate. The buzz that introduces this number is soon hammered out of its prominence by the factory line beat making something brutalist and unforgiving. The guitars are borne from punk and garage but fed through a filter of the KLF and Carter USM just to make sure they have a pop edge. This is bubblegum grunge with a razor blade hidden in the middle and a healthy dose of energy that will inspire a number of circle pits and moshes around the country this summer – are you in?