Amique – God
Amique - God

Release Date: Out Now

Liverpool’s Amique is the closest thing I’ve heard to Prince since the purple pixie died. The confidently titled new single ‘God’ opens like you’ve just walked in on a Prince party in full funky flow complete with twitchy guitars, dirty bass and beats that only kick in when they want to. As for Amique’s voice, the melody and dissonance is there in equal measure, demanding your attention with every syllable uttered whether it’s coming out as rapid fire lyrics or in the smoother, slower section that is designed to let you get your groove on. The sheer creativity packed in to this song and the utter funkiness is refreshing and astounding as well as being so indescribably welcome. The press sheet for this release describes Amique as Liverpool’s best kept secret but if I were Liverpool then I’d be shouting from the rooftops about this one. But I’m not Liverpool, I’m not even Northampton. I’m just a man.

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