Yvonne Hercules – Roving 
Yvonne Hercules - Roving

Release Date: Out Now

Really early in 2017 I was publicly begging for artists to put their pen to paper to vent their anger, raise a voice against the injustices in this world and generally use their platform to stir something up. London based Yvonne Hercules has answered my call, as have many others, but her take on this particular genre is something more subtle. You see ‘Roving’ is a lonely candle in pitch black of night, shining out with every breeze induced flicker as Hercules’ smooth voice wraps around you and that Marling-esque guitar ripples like the folds of a worn but loved blanket, passed down through the generations. Singing her soulful, dusky song, Hercules explores freedom (or the lack of), subjugation of minority or fringe groups and a general feeling that the democracy we’re told we are lucky to have is built upon too much injustice to ever really be enjoyed or appreciated. The simple guitar ripples soon build in to a glorious, life affirming dawn of a crescendo before fading in to the day and it is only then that I realise I’ve heard this song before. Every night when I lie awake thinking of how I’m going to change myself, change the world, make it all better before I fall asleep only to wake again to face another day on the treadmill feeling powerless. Maybe tomorrow will be different, there’s always tomorrow, right?