The Picturebooks – I Need That Oooh (Another Century)
The Picturebooks - I Need That Oooh

Release Date: Out Now

Fynn and Philipp from Gutersloh, for they are the Picturebooks, are back but they present a conundrum. You see, these are big, hairy biker guys but their new single is called ‘I Need That Oooh’ which sounds like the title of a comeback single by Gina G. Nevertheless, we’ll dive in and when we come up for air we find that the Gutersloh boys are rocking just as hard as ever. Those Viking drums are front and centre while the country’n’roll slide guitar with a nice layer of feedback is just, well, it’s sexy, let’s just say that. This is Royal Blood producing the new Black Keys tune with ZZ Top and Monster Truck sharing a bottle of Jack in the control booth. The Picturebooks look like a whole lot of fun to hang out with but if their hogs roll in to town then I’d recommend locking up your daughters....on second thoughts, they’d probably like that so maybe just leave them the keys to your liquor cabinet and leave town for the weekend.

Live Dates:

28th April – Underworld, London w/Turbonegro + Candlemass + Lowrider + Black Spiders + Samsara Blues Experiment + Satan’s Satyrs + 1000 Mods + Yuri Gagarin

29th July – Ramblin’ Man Fair, Maidstone w/ZZ Top + Monster Truck + Saxon + Extreme + Rival Sons + Vintage Caravan

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