Penny Bridges – For The Things 
Penny Bridges - For The Things

Release Date: Out Now

Consistency is a tricky thing to achieve in any walk of life but if you can achieve it within art then you’re on the path to achieving something truly worthwhile. Wolverhampton’s Penny Bridges is well on the way to achieving that elusive consistency with a series of excellent singles, the latest of which is ‘For The Things’. An optimistic, pulsing beat wakes you up before Bridges’ impish vocal drifts in soulfully like a cross between Corrine Bailey-Rae and Nina Persson all atop a magic carpet made of delicately woven piano notes and a grumbling bass. This is music for Spring time, music to watch the sun rise to and music to make you hope again and God knows we could all do with a little hope right about now couldn’t we?