Gozer Goodspeed – The Barrel Headlong in to the Night EP 
Gozer Goodspeed - The Barrel Headlong into the Night EP

Release Date: 19th May 2017

Gozer Goodspeed is a bit of a conundrum, I’m pleased to say. On the surface of things, this Plymouth based singer-songwriter is a blues artist, through and through. It doesn’t take long, however, to realise that there are influences hidden just below the surface with rock, indie, reggae and folk all showing their colours throughout the five tracks on this EP. Opening with the title track, Goodspeed hits an immediate stride on ‘Barrel Headlong in to the Night’ with ‘Joshua Tree’ style guitars chiming out through the cold, dark night calling you in you from the shadows. The melodies and pattering percussion give this a slightly sub-tropical feel at times which, mixed with the guitar makes this a uniquely intriguing piece of music.

‘What You Got Going on Lewis’ is a lively Blues number with a wonderful lyrically journey that rolls off the tongue while the ivories tinkle and the guitar keeps a tight rein on the rhythm – it’s also probably the only song to feature characters called Lewis and Wendy which makes me think this isn’t an entirely fictional story. By comparison, ‘Far Away, Blissed Out & Free’ is a far more relaxed tune which speaks of campfires on cliff tops and sunsets wrapping the night around you as rich acoustic strings strum and Goodspeed’s breathy vocal snakes like smoke in to the air. On ‘Every Night, Saturn’s Rings’ we find our hero in more reflective mood, creating those late-night vibes yet again. Goodspeed has a depth and adeptness with a six string that is rare these days and makes for the kind of music that you can get lost in with a good pair of headphones or a great set of speakers.

This EP, the second from Gozer Goodspeed, finishes up with the best of the bunch, in this writer’s humble opinion. ‘When the Blue Man Met the Headshrinker’ is not a song to be taken lightly as it’s raw Blues stomp swaggers in to view through the saloon doors. Some background moans, a tambourine rhythm and Goodspeed’s powerful acoustic riffing make for the kind of tune that will have any venue up on its feet and stamping along. Sure, Gozer Goodspeed is a singer-songwriter, that’s a given. But he’s also a wonderful story teller, a riotous rabble-rouser and an excellent performer. All in all, this is an excellent collection of songs but with two EPs under his built, surely it’s time for an album…

Live Dates:

12th May – Inn on the Shore, Downderry (FREE ENTRY)
20th May – Old Timer’s Wine Bar, Exeter
31st May – Blues Bar & Grill, Plymouth
27th August – Haywood Cider Farm, Bodmin
2nd September – Fantasy Festival 2017, Helston
15th September – Inn on the Shore, Downderry (FREE ENTRY)
21st October – Venezia, Exeter

22nd October – The Rod & Line, Saltash