Gelato – Weird EP 
Gelato - Weird

Release Date: Out Now

There are four drum stick clicks at the start of this EP’s opening track, ‘You Ain’t No Match’, but they may as well be the bell at the start of a boxing match such is the smack around the face you get from the opening riffs. Think Queens of the Stoneage mixed with the tight intensity of Zappa and some of the more adventurous moments of the Incubus back catalogue and you’d be thinking right for this tune. London trio Gelato waste no time in getting things going on this EP which suggests they a) mean business and b) know what they’re doing as this first tune takes time out for a little Police-esque break half way through before getting back on track.

‘Breaking the Spell’ is the meat in this musical sandwich and has a more subtle, theatrical opening before settling in to an ominous, almost mechanical riff that puts me in mind of Reuben (I bloody loved Reuben) but with a little more showmanship about their performance. Finally, we have ‘The Optimist’, a tune of Muse-esque ambitions as the drums jerk and stutter in direct opposition to the sliding, winding guitars and soaring vocals of frontman Drew Wynen. This is an accomplished, polished and engaging set of songs that stand up to multiple listens and reveal more about themselves each time – substance AND style, if you will.