Dollie Demi – Ruby Lips 
Dollie Demi - Ruby Lips

Release Date: Out Now

The delectably uproarious Dollie Demi is back with a new single that is everything pop should be in this day and age – that is to say, it’s riotous, bratty and infectious. ‘Ruby Lips’ opens with a sexy little bass line and the repeated “Mwah” which is pure Shampoo meets Kate Nash. This is the by-product of a generation that grew up on the Spice Girls and Hole at the same time – sassy pop melodies but kick ass guitars and lyrics that don’t take any prisoners. Dollie Demi has moved on from the ‘potential’ stage of her career and is now in fully fledged pop-classic creation mode so I wouldn’t advise getting in her way unless it’s to get down the front at one of her gigs.

Live Dates:

9th June – Spice of Life, London