Bitch Falcon – Syncope 
Bitch Falcon - Syncope

Release Date: Out Now

I have to admit that I’m basically drawn to this single release from a trio of Dubliners because of their fantastic name. Bitch Falcon. It sounds like an awesome villain from an X-rated version of He-Man which puts them half way over the line but then there’s the music, we have to consider the music, don’t we? So, new single ‘Syncope’ is up for consideration and it doesn’t disappoint. Coming on in a swirl of distortion before settling in to a heavy chug this is somewhere between Silverchair, Veruca Salt and Fu Manchu which is a hell of a noisy place to be. Fuzzed up guitars, Viking drums and a wail that is as powerful as it is melodic all combine to make a rhythmic, almost tribal noise that gets you right in the feels….with a pair of biker boots…..repeatedly.

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