Beach Riot – Mr Fixer 
Beach Riot - Mr Fixer

Release Date: Out Now

London quartet are on their second single and have just played their first ever show at the Social in the last 24 hours. Nevertheless, the buzz around these guys is incredible and just goes to show what you can do with a little talent and some restraint. ‘Mr Fixer’ starts like a zombie released from a mental hospital; desperate, flailing and full of anger but with no reason to back it up. Then a gang of vocals kicks in like you’re being serenaded by a family of Chelsea fans at Christmas. The energy and relentless momentum of this song are hugely infectious and pretty soon you’re recalling all your favourite garage gang bands and harking back to your punk period whenever that was. This is part Blockheads, part the Wrens, part the Lemonheads, part Ben Fold’s Five, part Cable and all mixed up in a tankard forged in the dying embers of Britpop. There’s a satisfying distortion solo in the middle and then we’re done – exhausted, spent but certainly satisfied. More buzz to come, you just wait and see.