Zaflon – Sincerity feat. Gilan & Lefty
Zaflon - Sincerity feat. Gilan & Lefty

Release Date: Out Now

OK, I’m declaring this from the outset; this tune couldn’t sound much more like Portishead if it tried but I am absolutely delighted that it does – not enough people follow in Portishead’s footsteps. ‘Sincerity’ features the gloomy, minor key melodies and the slow, tinny beats that are all about the wee small hours and rolling those last dregs of booze around in the bottom of a glass, contemplating that next move. Gilan’s vocals add some rich, soulful tones that quench the uneasy thirst that Zaflon’s melodies create while Lefty freshens things up with some smooth but not overcomplicated flows. To my ears this sounds both reminiscent of the 90s Trip Hop vibe but it also sounds incredibly fresh, clean and relevant for the here and now. And you can quote me on that. No, seriously, quote me on it.

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