Pip Hall – James (My Little Empire Records) 
Pip Hall - James

Release Date: Out Now

So, I’ve been watching a lot of Twin Peaks recently, like all of it and this song seems tailor made for the new series. Aside from the title, ‘James’, there is a vibe about this tune that just fits the eerie and more than a little bit twisted tone of any David Lynch work. The synth bass notes drone ominously and the drums thud lazily before some more optimistic melodies sashay in through the side door of One Eyed Jack’s and sing like Tennis guesting on a Ladyhawke track produced by Arcade Fire. This is down-tempo alt-pop and some may see it as gloomy but to me this is not only luxurious in its wallowing emotion but it’s also the sign of an artist developing, growing and progressing before our very ears and eyes. There was a lot of hype around Pip Hall last year because of her tender years and I think this is the track that justifies the hype but makes it more about her talent and less about whether she was even born when Twin Peaks first aired.