Dark Dark Horse – Frontiers (Little Fanfare)
Dark Dark Horse - Frontiers

Release Date: Out Now

When you listen to this latest release from Leicestershire’s Dark Dark Horse you can’t help but conjure images of Westerns, cowboys looking moodily out over endless plains and skin that looks and (probably) feels like the leather chaps straddling the horse. Then, when you watch the video for ‘Frontiers’, you realise that the duo have gone full-on with this imagery and that feels kinda satisfying. The saloon piano has a sad, twilight tone to it that wouldn’t be out of place at the start of an episode of Westworld but then this morphs smoothly in to something akin to Delphic telling a ‘once upon a time’ Wild West story to subdued synths and a pulsing beat. The build on this track is slow but that just adds to its charm and you can’t help but be enveloped in its warm embrace. There was a band from Manchester called Contact Mo who I dearly loved and excelled in a similarly downbeat but comfortingly uplifting style and I just hope Dark Dark Horse don’t suffer the same fate (i.e. quietly shuffling off in to the night without getting the recognition they deserved).

Live Dates:

29th April – Fosse Park, Leicester

Watch the Video: