Craig Taylor-Broad – A Bear Inside Your Belly 
Craig Taylor-Broad - A Bear Inside Your Belly

Release Date: 3rd March 2017

Craig Taylor-Broad is one of those annoying people who is talented in more than one area. Most people are good at Monopoly or cooking or skateboarding but everything else is a bit average. Not Mr Taylor-Broad though, oh no, as well as being an exceptional photographer, he’s also a mighty fine musician and it makes me sick. Good sick, though. This new single, ‘A Bear Inside Your Belly’, is a macabre but hauntingly optimistic tune that calls out from the dappled light of a summer’s morning in a country church. Dust mingles in the sunlight along with the scattered guitar notes and vocals that exist between the silence and first breaths of speech. Eventually the guitar rattles in to life and stirs the fresh air like a slap around your face. There’s a B-side too (love a B-side) called ‘The Big Sleep’ and it’s full of that same jangling, misty guitar and vocals that are like the whispers of the ghosts of loved ones. Sublimely time aged music to be savoured and enjoyed like a fine whiskey.

Live Dates:

15th March – Fuel, Cardiff
18th March – Charlies Bar, Redruth
25th March – Mono, Falmouth