We Three & The Death Rattle – (Hail Mary) Sister Six (PAW//PURR) 
WTATDR - (Hail Mary) Sister Six

Release Date: Out Now

London trio We Three & The Death Rattle have been regularly and consistently producing ear bleedingly good singles for a while now so the pressure is on with this new release. ‘(Hail Mary) Sister Six’ is, thankfully, yet another storming release with the band’s trademark raw power and energy coursing through its veins. Opening with some spoken word about computer viruses, we soon kick in to a grungy, ballsy and snarling beast of a tune all full of distorted guitars and gun-riff drums. This is perhaps more lo-fi, more raw than previous releases but that rawness and energy builds like the relentless approaching thrum of a motorcycle belonging to the grim reaper. There’s a nice little organ interlude and then the guitars drive this through to the climax. This is sassy stuff, dressed in skin tight leather trousers and a matching jacket so I’d clear a space at the bar if I were you.