Salt Petal – Telephone 
Salt Petal - Telephone

Release Date: Out Now

If I wanted to be in a band, I think I would definitely want to be in a band in LA. That’s not because there’s necessarily a thriving scene there, it just seems like the kind of melting pot of a city that would be a cool place to make music. And the weather looks good. Salt Petal have the privilege of making music in LA and new single, ‘Telephone’, is drenched in LA sunshine from the first note. Perky guitars, the tight bikini clad buns of a rhythm section and the kind of voice that could only drift in on a summer’s breeze. This is music to drive down the coast to with the top of your car down and no particular destination to aim for. Think the Long Blondes if they were American and happy or Best Coast with a bit more energy and you’re in the right ball park. Oh, and there’s a funky little guitar solo on top of some lush keys as well. It’s pretty much got it all.