Naomi Pilgrim feat. Sa-Roc & Yugen Blakrok – Racist Friend 
Naomi Pilgrim - Racist Friend

Release Date: Out Now

So I’ve been lamenting the lack of protest songs and it appears that people have been listening as the protests are coming thick and fast – some new and, as in this case, some reworkings of a particularly apt classic. The Specials first brought us ‘Racist Friend’ in the mid-80s but talented Swede/Barbadian singer Naomi Pilgrim has brought this right up to date with a little help from Sa-Roc and Yugen Blakrok. Musically, this is almost brutalist with some mechanical beats combining with some unapologetic synth melodies taking front stage. “If you have a racist friend, now is the time for your friendship to end” sings Pilgrim and it couldn’t feel more relevant as the world stands at a fork in the road between the path of equality and acceptance or the path of hatred and division. I know which I’m walking and now I know what the soundtrack will be too.