Michael James – Tomato Sauce 
Michael James - Tomato Sauce

Release Date: Out Now

I feel like Scotland hasn’t been sending me much music lately and I’m not sure what I’ve done to upset my Northern cousins (literally, I’m like an eighth Scottish) but I’m glad to have received this peace offering in the form of Aberdeenshire lad Michael James. This latest demo, ‘Tomato Sauce’, is a rippling acoustic number with a soft, shuffling beat and then there’s a voice that just leaps out at you from behind the curtains. Michael James’ voice is part Belle and Sebastian twee-indie and part 1930s novelty crooner which, surprisingly, really works as a delivery method but also as an attention grabbing calling card. There’s a jaunty melody that’s hard not to love despite the Bond-esque instrumental section and overall this has a personality all of its own which is a rarity these days. Let’s never fall out again Scotland…..it was probably your fault anyway.